The Future of Nonprofits

Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age
by David J. Neff and Randal C. Moss

Broken into in three parts: Definitions and Strategies; The Three Pillars of Innovation; and, Implementation and Future Consideration, Neff and Moss’s work takes readers through the process of creating a nonprofit culture that encourages innovation.

Neff and Moss assert that the three methods for improving business efficiency (Lean Management, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management) miss the mark for nonprofits because human services work is messier, requires time to think, create and innovate – and that engagement is our most important metric.

The Future of Nonprofits: Innovate and Thrive in the Digital Age

  • Provides nonprofits with a comprehensive playbook on how to create a new, more flexible, innovative organization
  • Provides nonprofits a look at the future of fundraising and communications trends into 2016
  • Case studies highlight successes and failures
  • Highlights the power and strength of Social Media
  • Highlights how to hire, train, manage and inspire “internal entrepreneurial” employees
  • Features actionable advice on creating an organization that is primed to grow and thrive in the immediate and long-term future

Click on the book to go to the Allen County Public Library catalog to place a hold.

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– Lettie

4 thoughts on “The Future of Nonprofits

    • But of course, Randy! We’re excited about your book and hopeful our patrons are eager to implement innovation as a best practice!

      Thanks to you for putting all the work together – and for stopping by our blog.
      – Lettie


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